About Me

Henry Moore

Product and UX Designer


My name is Henry Moore. I am a user experience and product designer who utilizes an analytical approach to address the needs of the user. I believe that iterating through the cyclic design process is the most effective way to achieve a successful design.

The modern goods and services market is evolving into an experience market. With this, there is a growing need to advocate for the user.

I have skills in and related to:

UX Design 80
UX Research 80
UI Design 70
Design Process 90
Content Strategy 70
Design Communication 80
Typography 80
Branding 70
Marketing 80
CSS 80
Adobe XD 90
Adobe Photoshop 65
Adobe Illustrator 70
Sketch 80

Here are some books that I'm learning from.

My design ideology and workflow is based on the design process. This version of the design process has been conceptualized at www.nngroup.com: