Wavy Music App


I’m one of those people that say that music is their life. As a sleep deprived college student, I use music as a way to energize myself and improve my mood. In fact, a lot of people utilize music for similar motives.

As I was browsing through some of my favorite music streaming apps, I noticed that their app interfaces are fairly static and rigid. I am sure that there are reasons for this, however this observation inspired me to create an app with more playfulness.

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Wavy is the product that I came up. The branding comes from the fundamental idea of sound waves that creates the music that we hear. I found it so fitting that waves reflect the dynamism that I was trying to go for in this app. By designing an interface that incorporates dynamic shapes, dynamic motions, and vibrant colors, I think I improved upon the static music archetype that is so prevalent. I believe that the lively interface will enhance the listening experience for users.